Jacksonville: Youth

I’ve ran into the same kid for five days now. Here’s a small section of his life, which mainly consists of shouting, waving his arms wildly, and hitting his girlfriend. None of these photos show the bruises on her face that were fairly prominent last week.

checking their phones at the only restaurant in town
after falling off a friend's bike and landing on his face, she tries to make sure he's ok.
as he tries to talk her down from a fight, she grabs his face and screams.
in his room. "he's very violent...abandonment issues" explains his grandmother.
after finding a box-cutter on the floor, grandmother's only question: "is there blood on it?"
listening to rap on his PS3 on the porch while his family listens to country in the living room


1 thought on “Jacksonville: Youth

  1. that little boy is pricelessly depressing. i think he needs to star in a film about himself.

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