Yesterday my goal was to shoot like other people shoot. It feels a bit (ok, quite a bit) like a lie, but I think the reception of these photos may be better than my others. This is an after-school program in Athens that I photographed last quarter for Dawn2Dusk.

Jacksonville, week 2

I currently have two focuses in Jacksonville: the people who live&work in the village, and the people who do neither but choose to hang out there. Last week I worked on the former; this week I’m working on the latter. So we have the village council meeting, their one restaurant, […]


First assignment for Small Systems Lighting: Bounce Flash. Almost everybody shot portraits or crap; we were thusly reprimanded and told to focus on content for next week’s assignment.


For Essay, we’re each assigned a town to cover all quarter, looking specifically into the history of the town and it’s current community. I have Jacksonville, Ohio, a town of 0.3 square miles and approximately 500 rather hopeless* residents. *as in seeming to hold no hope for their prosperity or […]


Apparently bacon is trendy now. Boxcar Burlesque hosted a bacon festival last night, with a free bacon, food competition, raffle, and show.


God asked Noah if he wanted to die. He said no sir, oh, no, sir. God said here’s your future: It’s gonna rain. lyrics: The Thermals, Here’s Your Future; photo, Strouds Run State Park As a side note, I blogged my first blog on Jan 5, 2001. Here’s to ten […]