an Issue, part 3

After almost two months of bothering Wayne National Forest they let me into a community service day. Seniors from Athens High School volunteer around the community. Twenty-two of them went to Burr Oak State Park (part of the Wayne) for lame beautification projects. This is my reshoot for “Document an […]


My grad review panel suggested that I play with light and color sometimes, as well as just playing with moments. Not much light this afternoon, but I was still able to play.


The question of defining “visual communication” has bothered me since beginning the quest for an education in photojournalism several years ago. Eventually I conceded to myself that the practice of photojournalism does technically fall under visual communications; journalists who tell stories through images quite literally communicate their messages visually. Though […]

Reliving: West Virginia

While photographing several reenactors at the Indian Mound Festival in October, they pointed me to the Guyandotte Civil War Days. There I found reenactors who professed “we’re here for ourselves, not for you.” As such I was unable to photograph real interaction between ‘us and them,’ but I’ve got something.

Winter Quarter

For my own peace of mind: M, W 10am-12pm: The Photographic Essay W 3pm-5pm: Small Systems Lighting Tu 9am-10am: Graduate Seminar Tu, Th 10am-12pm: Digital Imaging Tu, Th 1pm-2:30pm: Ethics, Mass Media & Society Tu 7pm-9pm: Campus Orchestra

an Issue: Invasives

My first true foray into a photo story, as opposed to posting three photos for you because I am unable to choose the most successful one. The assignment: Document An Issue. After 5(ish) weeks of e-mailing, calling, and standing in the lobbies of OU’s Biology department, the Park Service, Forest […]