they make a “baa”-like sound

Nothing serious this weekend. Halloween in Athens was the greatest carnival (sans rides) I could have asked for, boyfriend time was absolutely wonderful and needed, llamas were soft, warm, and well-behaved. So. Partly due to my memory of this children’s book Is Your Mama a Llama, and partly because, as […]


It’s one of VisCom’s annual projects. Photographers descend upon Athens county from sun-up (6:50am) to sun-down (7:42pm) on one given day (last Friday, Oct. 22). I went with the women’s crew team for a nearly pre-dawn practice, visited Arts/WEST for a lighting set-up and after-school program, and played a little […]

Deep Breath

Oddly enough, I feel that copying my planner notes into iCal only caused greater anxiety. May I also point out that while it looks like I gave myself time to sleep, I really only have time to edit, attempt homework/project assignments, occasionally talk to my boyfriend, and nod off while […]


After having been denied entry to the Ohio Roller Girls bout, with an un-announced boyfriend in tow… I discovered that Columbus is probably the worst place to go for entertainment during an Ohio State game. So I give you, some feeling of awkward lonliness.

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