Following my previous post, my GRE scores and a lovely packet from Boston University came in the mail. My cumulative score was right where I need it to be, but broken down my Verbal definitely overtook my Quantitative score…which is not what ETS had in mind when they set up the GRE. So I’ll be taking the test again after Katie’s wedding. I’m still waiting on info from Ohio U and Mizzou. Gonna try to set up interviews in November… but before all that, I took a vacation last weekend:

I’ve been talking to Brian online & onphone for about eight years now… we “met” back in the day when I helped run a Game Girls message board, life went on, Facebook happened, and I took a weekend to discover Ann Arbor and an old friend.

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  1. looks all pretty! and you are SO wrong about what ETS had in mind. they wanna segregate the humanities and non-humanities right this time around!

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