Huge “ugh” regarding life lately. I just really hate being in limbo… waiting for GRE scores, grad school info packets, calls regarding employment & health insurance, and other such things I can’t really avoid. Needless to say, I’m taking the weekend to visit a friend in Michigan; a place I’ve never been and hopefully won’t run into anything that will make my life more complicated.

For now though, its jogging, packing, cleaning, follow-up calling, and working. Probably studying too, just in case. Wahoo!

1 thought on “Blarg

  1. Have fun in Michigan!

    . . . And dude, you took the GRE? Wow. You earn kudos from me since I think the GRE is the stupidest thing ever. We passed college. Why do we need to prove that for grad school? GRRRRRR!

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