Nothing New

I promised myself I would shoot every day over the summer, but I have sorely disappointed. Being a Senior Assistant Manager without a Store Manager for the past month has left me running around with minor heart attacks, spending more time on the phone and buried in paperwork than in the camera room. Once home, I’m more inclined to read/eat/sleep than go back out and shoot.

But seriously, here’s highlights from the wedding I shot over a month ago, of acquaintances from college: Sarah and Josh. The only other person I knew at the wedding was a professor who never thought enough of me, and it was rather awkward to let anyone see what I’m doing with my BA in English… moving along.

The roommate and I have ventured to BBQs, tea rooms, art galleries and museums, but usually in lump. Matt promised to take me back to Central Park after our 4-hour stop over there in March (on the way to Carnegie Hall). We keep trying to plan something, but me being one manager short and him working in a theater leaves much to be desired. The most we can hope for is an afternoon of nice lunch, but I’ll take what I can get. Life has just gotten more annoying after college, let me tell you. I would trade a term paper for an angry customer ANY DAY. Term papers give you time to prepare, and they don’t call the main office with complaints.

Basically, a new Store Manager starts with me tomorrow, I can go back to school in a little over a month, and Matt has now promised me Colonial Williamsburg in September. Here goes.