An Hour in the Woods

Azn and Jew explore trees and creeks and stuff. These images are unedited save for resizing. Wandering around I did a couple of things:

gazed up:


looked down:


went through:

examined close:


and, played with Mika the perpetually winking dog:


Having a full-time job instead of three part-time jobs is pretty awesome. I actually have time to do things. Look at this now, I’m home at 7pm on a Saturday. I can work, recuperate, and go out again.

1 thought on “An Hour in the Woods

  1. Lucky you for having a full-time job. My job is considered part-time, but it may as well be full-time, but they won’t give the forty-hour a week. Hah. Watch them cut it off at 39.75.

    Lovely pictures, btw. The dog one is awesome! ^_^

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