Its been almost a month since my last post, so, I apologize, but life is still just as busy. I’m waiting to choose one job over another but I’m a Taurus and change is difficult.

Last Friday Matt and I went to NYC to see Susquehanna’s orchestra play in Carnegie Hall. Twelve-hour round trip, drenching old rain, high-high balcony seats… and it was absolutely amazing. We explored part of Central Park, and Matt promised we could go back with sunshine and an SLR. There wasn’t time to see my friends, but I ran into some of their parents, and aught up with a few of my professors, which was awkward at first, but, you know.

The best part of the day, besides incredible music in an incredible auditorium, was the stereotypical New York scene. Exiting from Central Park, Matt and I stopped next to a horse-drawn carriage to cross the street. A construction worker on one corner jackhammered into the street while another man welded; a third waving people on with his bright orange flag. The New Yorkers, clad all in black with black umbrellas or none at all, danced across the street as drivers of sixteen-wheelers and sub-compacts honked their horns incessantly, going nowhere. What I would have given or a fast-acting camera with a wide-angle lens at that moment.

Hopefully I will scan some of my school projects in soon, just to prove how awesome I am.