Oh My

Somehow time seemed to fly when I was in college; friends and I used to joke that ‘college time’ was a way of measuring things in and of itself. But living on my own, taking one class a day, an online class, and working three part-time jobs, time seems to crawl by excruciatingly slow. I have school every afternoon and work every single morning and evening of the week. I don’t even have enough free time to do my photography assignments, or the money to buy the film.

OK, so I have this morning off, but the house also didn’t have power until recently. I took some photos of Matt while he was sleeping, but I’m going to need more alert subjects to finish my flesh-tone assignment. Then at work tonight I get to double-time and recreate a scene for my project to photograph a scar and write out it.

It sucks being an adult; I doubt life is going to get better from here.

1 thought on “Oh My

  1. i am in my 2nd year
    it’s okay i guess haha
    i am in science though so it’s not flowers and sunshine
    YES time does speed by
    i feel like i just started university
    i am kind of scared it being over
    but also excited
    what the heck? lol

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