Research Paper: 19th Century London’s Burgeoning Professionalism

Heather Haynes London Underworld Dr. J Andrew Hubbell April 30, 2007 London’s Burgeoning Professionalism Throughout the nineteenth century, British writers viewed London in a myriad of ways that has allowed the meaning of the city to develop along with the century. Yet within each of the ideologies presented by nineteenth-century […]

Research Paper: Whiteness in Antebellum Portraiture

“The portrait is a powerful material culture document; I think it is more meaningful than any other tool.” – Joan Severa, Introduction to My Likeness Taken: Daguerreian Portraits in America, xvi (cover image: 59) The society of nineteenth-century America placed a heavy emphasis on citizens’ physical appearances, most notably in […]

Research Paper: Triumph of Germanic Roots, Richard Wagner’s Journey from Reform to Annihilation

Heather Haynes Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras Dr. Susan Hegberg April 11, 2007 Triumph of Germanic Roots: Richard Wagner’s Journey from Reform to Annihilation I. Scapegoats for a Disappointed Artist Rocky German-Jewish relations during the mid-nineteenth century brought about a whirlwind of pamphlets, riots, and political debates. Arguments […]

ok, ok…

Alright, so. I’ve been officially rejected from graduate school, which isn’t a huge surprise. Now that I have that letter from MICA (thanks guys, for mailing everything on April 1 instead of when you make decisions) I can change my FAFSA information back to undergraduate student and see how much […]