some kind of a weekend

While the music department trekked off to PMEA last week I took a long weekend for myself.

I had a job interview for a company that turned out to not even have the same name it advertised itself under, and whose ad for “Sales Representatives” really meant “Life Insurance Agents.” Not OK. The place looked pretty nice but they kept me waiting in an empty office for half an hour before my interviewer remembered me (“Sorry I just never wrote this meeting down, you know how that goes!”) and described how I would soon be visiting Senior Citizens in their homes to sell them life insurance.

Thanks, lady. I’ll take that job if there’s honestly nothing else for me to do. But working 50-60 hours a week, mainly in the (ghetto) field, for naught but commission is not exactly what I was looking for in a post-college job.

On the up-side, I photographed a wedding with Lori on Saturday. I’m doing her wedding in June, so we went together to a small wedding in western MD Saturday afternoon and had a decent time. I won’t go into detail on how the church was covered in dead ladybugs, the reception room was small/stuffy, and the guests were relatively boring…

Once Lori has all the photos up professionally on Pictage, I’ll send a link to that, but I think I can show you some of (the very few I have of) my images now…

Almost There

Balcony Scene

Ring Ring

Reception Time

Oh and now that I have a fancy MacBook Pro (that I don’t use at school) you can expect some new layouts and things in those 10 days between classes and graduation! And can I say that the only thing stopping me from buying Adobe CS3 right now is that the website won’t validate my student ID/discount… ($600 is ok, $1800 is not)?

3 thoughts on “some kind of a weekend

  1. Call you mom off. Heather… Um… Do you want the Design Suite? I’ll have it in about 46 minutes…

    Yes, yes, I don’t really feel like getting into “that” debate. All I want is a “yes” or a “no.”

    Also, how do you like your MBP? It’s a whole new world…

    Let me know if you have any issues. Chances are I’ve been there. I think I’ve hit just about every problem conceived…


  2. Whoo for wedding photography!

    Also, I’d better see you again. I’m gonna be in MD for about a week after I graduate (May 13-18 or so) and if hangouts are possible, I demand hangouts!

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