For those of you who haven’t experienced enough mustache with my previous posts, here’s the 2-minute audio slideshow I did for class to accompany my article & layout. Lastly, our assignment for the Picture Story final is to create a multimedia piece after revisiting one of our previous stories. I […]

Friends of the Shelter Dogs

Audio slideshow seems to be the name of the game this quarter. I took Audio Reportage this quarter to try new equipment and really get the hang of ambient, but found myself instead fully engrossed in interviews. Our final is to create a 2-3 min audio slideshow and after chasing […]


The requirements for our second audio story were only: 2:30-4:00 minutes, no narration, no music. I saw a posting that the Athens County Dog Shelter was completely full up with 60(ish) dogs and called to set up an interview. When I arrived, so many dogs had been adopted/rescued that only […]

The Buzz

For some reason I decided to take Audio Reportage this quarter. It’s supposed to be a more in-depth look at what we studied last year but so far I’m simply too busy to give the skills the time they deserve. Here’s my first audio story (rules: 2:30 or under, no […]


The first leg of my master’s project is complete, and with 3-4 more legs left before this lopsided animal gets off the ground, I’ve turned to crowd-sourcing for help. For those of you who haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s an amazing place where artists, tinker-ers, thinkers, and backers get together […]

Nothing to See Here

First assignment in Audio/Video: audio story. We needed an audio piece at least one minute in length including ambient and narrative that could not include music unless pertinent to the story. For me, this was a cry to do a story on music, just to get it in there. I […]

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