China Photographs (Beijing, Xi’an, & Shenzhen)

When Matthew and his PhD advisor found they were accepted to the XIX International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen, China, I was a little jealous. Then, when his advisor suggested he take a week vacation prior to the conference so that I could enjoy China as well… I frantically did some financial math on how to make it work.

We flew into Beijing, then traveled southwest to the ancient capital of Xi’an, and finished our trip in southeast Shenzhen where the conference was being held. I left prior to the week-long botany conference on the most turbulent plane ride I hope to ever experience.

While we failed to learn the local languages, we got by on a fair bit of charades and laughter. 10/10 for food and historical interest, 2/10 for air quality.

We hiked the Great Wall from a remote area into a touristy area.
Our tour guide took this photo when we were about 2/3 of our way through infinity Great Wall stairs.
Instead of hiking down, we mercifully rode a gondola.
Honestly I’m a little jealous that Beijing’s shopping malls have dinosaurs?!
Popular Beijing snack: live scorpions?!
My favorite knock-off souvenir.
The Forbidden City / Palace Museum
Ancient details in the Forbidden City.
Ancient and restored details in the Forbidden City.
Tourists at the Forbidden City.
Ancient details at the Temple of Heaven.
Mao tea set at the Temple of Heaven gift shop (did not purchase).
Beijing West train station.
Terracotta soldiers.
Terracotta soldiers.
Terracotta soldier, with red coloring preserved.
One of the best, most simple meals I’ve ever had: Xi’an.
Tea heaven, Xi’an.
Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an.
Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an.
Seamstress’ shop in Xi’an were I somehow managed to purchase some fabric using only hand gestures and smiles.
Riding bikes on the Xi’an city wall at sunset.
The Shenzhen conference hotel was extra.
The whole conference was extra.