Wedding in a Box

Or, my wedding in a light box. I’m not one for knick-knacks or trinkets or anything in that attracts dust, so throughout the wedding process I looked for items that were reusable, disposable, or that could simply be cut altogether. So when the guests left and the dust settled the items that we were left with were(/are) extremely valuable to us.

The ridiculous owl vases are now planters in our front yard, all of our lanterns were donated to other people’s wedding decor, and I wear my shoes at least once a week. But there are still things, items that I would typically call crap except that instead of being inexplicably valuable to someone else, they’re sentimentally valuable to me. So I did what I know how to do, I put everything precious in my light box with the respect it deserves.

Welcome bag for hotel guests — bag from Etsy, card design by me, cookie by a friend.
My bridal accessories — handmade necklace and earrings, promise ring with engagement ring and wedding ring, in a glasses bag found at Michael’s.
Garlands hand-cut by my husband and sewed by my two best girls.
Set list!
All the set lists.
My mom crocheted infinity scarves for each of the bridesmaids.
RSVP cards.