Double Product Launches

In the 14-work-days preceding Thanksgiving, we filmed these two product videos simultaneously. “We” being just myself (T-minus 6 months from the wedding) and the Creative Team Lead (five months pregnant) working early and late until we were both lying on the floor of the lab not sure if we were laughing or crying or too brain-dead to care. These two simultaneous videos gave me more respect for small film crews everywhere. How often did we think we had gotten everything perfect only to find our model wearing the wrong color gloves or holding the probe incorrectly.

Out of these shoots we created the cookbook and best practices for product launch videos, from concept to post production. We gained more faith in and respect for ourselves as visual storytellers than ever before. When we officially launch these videos at our internal Sales Meeting in February, we’ll see just how well-received these videos are from our field team. Until then, the best feedback I have is that the videos oversell our products, making them look (maybe) just a little too easy to use.

See for yourself!