A Journey in Calorimetry

One of my favorite things to say when creating stories is that the one thing all humans have in common is that they’re all humans. As people, we easily become interested and invested in other people. One of our initiatives at work is to showcase our field team as the rock stars of our company. Team members who see customers every day are essentially the front lines and faces of our organization, so when I have the chance to leverage the knowledge and personality of one of those valuable colleagues, I take it.

In this case, Dom had the idea to share some calorimetry data. Instead of “pretty-ing up” his presentations and putting them through the marketing ringer, I recorded him presenting and explaining the data to the viewer. Perhaps most importantly, I was afforded the time to pick his brain and truly start to understand the subject at hand (calorimetry, right, I had never heard of it either.)

If you are more interested in calorimetry or chemical process safety, I helped put together this Process Safety application page with the above videos and some further content.