Mouse in Thirty Seconds

It’s offbeat edits that make me love working with Round Table Companies. Sure, most of the editing I do for them is centered on author support, on love, community and human bonding, but there’s so much more than that. For example: there was Floyd.

I’ll leave the storytelling to Corey, as he’s taken the time to write an article about how Floyd entered and exited his life. Well after Floyd had made his exit, Corey sent me three cell phone video clips and asked me to come up with something short and quick to enrich his article about the experience.

This was a fantastic distraction from my daily life and typical work. The 34-second edit took me 45 minutes, and it wasn’t until about 40 minutes in that my fiancee looked up and asked: “Wait, are they talking to a mouse the whole time?”

Yup. This is RTC, after all.

Read Corey’s article: What is Love?

P.S. — I’ve had words with Corey about this vertical video nonsense. There will no more going forward. :p