Street Art

This past summer I noticed some of the street art pieces looked eerily familiar, and assumed that one very talented and animal-obsessed artist was decorating the drive to Theo’s apartment. I was partially correct. In October, Urbanite magazine blew my mind with this article explaining the artist as a MICA […]

Winding Down

In case anyone wondered what my free time over break consisted of, I have some examples. Inadvertently losing puzzle pieces: (Poorly) Channeling the DIY-Network into a gingerbread house: And watching many zombies dies by these hands:


1. Cooking more & healthier. Inspirations: BrokeAss Gourmet, Poor Girl Eats Well, and the recipe binder I received Christmas morning. 2. Fiddle lessons. After 14 years of classical violin, this will be a welcome (and challenging) change. 3. More music, inspired by favorites of Rolling Stone and my boyfriend. For […]


Patience is a virtue. During winter, the National Aquarium‘s promotion is $5 admission Fridays after 5pm. Its been nearly five years since I visited the aquarium, so I was as excited as many of the children also in attendance.

A Real Thanksgiving

The last time I took photos on Thanksgiving was 2003, starting with a killer car accident and culminating in the Macy’s Day Parade. Time passed. My parents moved to Arizona, I moved to Ohio, and the Macy’s Day Parade isn’t worth watching anymore. Last week I visited my parents, as […]

A Week Late

As is tradition, I give you: I am thankful for the ability to say “no” to fear, however difficult that becomes. I am thankful for the opportunity and wealth to go through graduate school. I am thankful for the boyfriend who has become an amazingly (positively) integral part of my […]