Signs of Life

After several phone calls, $80, and some re-wiring, my scanner works. I probably should have purchased a new one, but its too late now. I’ve been all too busy with work, school, trying to find health insurance, and trying to get assignments from The Capital to have any sort of a life… but here’s what I have had time for: Homework.

Intro to Graphic Design, this is my collage based on FT Marinetti.

Also for graphic design, we’re making logos out of our initials… still in the concept phase but this is amazing drawing for me!

For Alternative Photographic Processes… pushing a film’s ISO 2 stops. This print also has max contrast (140M).

Infared film blew my mind when I first developed it… but it works. The berries are dark red in visible light.

Last and probably my favorite is my first Cyanotype off of a digital negative. I’ll hopefully make plenty more after Spring Break.

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