The Good, the Bad, and the Hopeful

GOOD: Yesterday I received my first check from The Capital. $35 for one published assignment. Its not a Pulitzer, but it officially launches me into the realm of professional photojournalism. Barely, but technically.

Also, I got an e-mail from a videographer I met in Photoshop last semester saying he needed a photographer for a wedding in May. I responded, hopefully not too enthusiastically, and we’ll soon find if the bride accepts.

BAD: My hours at the castle keep getting cut, which is interesting considering my manager will be out of town for at least part of the next several weeks and Im supposed to pick up her shifts… and still stay under the 37-hour threshold that will earn me health insurance. The Capital has no assignments for me lately, but it has nothing to do with me… winter is just a dry spell for people who basically live off of public events.

My parents are retiring in May and hopefully (for them) moving by December so I’ll need my own health insurance, car insurance, and phone soon enough. Considering I barely cover rent/food as it is, I’m having a minor(major) freak out.

HOPEFUL: I’ve updated my portfolio, put a public profile on Monster and LinkedIn, and an ad on the Resume/Job Wanted portion of Craigslist (that I’ve already lost the URL to). Sarah sent my resume to the recuiter who found her current job and to her manager, who is also a recruiter. I just need something reliable to earn me insurance while I freelance my way to what I need for personal fulfillment.