Internship: PASS

Officially, my 120 hours are over. Fifteen Sundays and the occasional Saturday following and learning are over, but all is not lost! Last Saturday I was able to actually freelance, although I had to look through the assignment book and find things for myself. I shot a local (read: small) tree-lighting and a Christmas-themed bar crawl which apparently earned me $35 per assignment.

Basically, this internship has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love the assignments, the coworkers, the subjects, the shooting, and myself for being decent with all of it. After finals I plan on hanging around and hopefully shooting a bit more.

I guess the best sign is that when I went out on my own this past Saturday I wasn’t actually nervous, I felt rather confident when I left each assignment, and was cool sitting in the photo lab by myself choosing/editing shots for publication. I don’t particularly get excited about going out and shooting anymore, becuase I know I can rock it. However, I still need practice shooting sports. We’ll get there.