Interning, Continued

This weekend happened to be one of the most amazing things ever, which is needed considering that for the rest of the week I have two projects, a test, a cold, and my period. But I didn’t say all of that out loud. Also, the gear shift on my car stopped… gear shifting, which definitely made getting to those assignments Sunday interesting. Luckily I’m the youngest child so whining “Daddy, fix!” still works amazingly well.

Saturday Colleen and I rocked the Navy v Pitt game. We covered tailgating beforehand, which was a little lamer than usual, probably considering how many parents/grandparents were around. I hadn’t been to a Navy event in 10 years or so I was pretty starstruck, no lie. Before the game we hit up the press box, where I found that rumors of nice people and nicer pizza were in fact very good representations of the truth. I apologize to everyone who received a “I’M IN THE PRESS BOX AT NAVY STADIUM” text message.

Consequently, I also apologize to everyone who received a “OMG I’M ON THE FIELD AT NAVY STADIUM” text message, but we’re not there yet.

So, after eating free food like real women, Colleen and I lugged ourselves down to the field, which was surprisingly anti-climatic. We just… walked on to the field as anyone else would, only that security didn’t stop us, they smiled and said “Hello” instead. I would like to add at this point that Colleen was shooting with a fixed 400 lens bigger than her head, on a broken monopod, and that I was shooting with a fixed 300 on my little D70 on my little (and barely able to handle the weight of the lens) monopod. It was glorious. Cold, but glorious.

Colleen made a slide show on the Capital website, I think there are 16 of her images and three of mine but we basically shot the same stuff, so whatevs. Please experience the slide show here. Both the front page and the sports section had a big picture of Colleen’s and a little picture of mine. Published is published; I’ll take it.

Sunday I was finally able to go out on my own, not because the skill wasn’t there earlier, but because I didn’t have the availability to take extra assignments. I photographed some excellent Jews who donated a new Torah to their synagogue, and more excellent Jews who were happy about their new Torah. The (probably temporary) link to that article is here.

One little old lady came up to me, reminding me very much of my grandmother, and stated “You have a press pass.” I replied to her, “Yes, I’m shooting for The Capital today.” She says back to me “I can read, I just want to know if I should press it,” then chuckled and went along her merry way. Moral of the story, I cannot wait to be an excellent old Jewish lady one day. My brooch collection is already underway, but that has nothing to do with my internship.

From the Annapolitan synagogue I managed to get myself lost in Shady Side trying to find an oyster festival, which, by the time I arrived, was pretty much wrapping up. I listened to a little bluegrass, photographed some people (all of which had names I needed to hear spelled several times over), and hot-footed it out of there, fancying myself somewhat of a rock star for surviving a day on my own.

I know I did nothing spectacular, but the important part is that I’m fairly certain I didn’t make any mistakes.

Results of this weekend: While lovely pictures of white people graced the above-the-fold potographs for the past two days, my photos on the bottom of A1 each day depicted minorities preparing food. Oops.