Moving Right Along

After a summer as Senior Assistant at The Picture People, going through three Studio Managers, several employees and thousands of customers… I quit. I can’t work for a company that discourages me from attending college and encourages me to demote myself rather than attend management training. I woke up every morning sick to my stomach, worrying about work with this new boss, I returned home each night too tired and worried to talk, eat, or even move. I dreamed EVERY NIGHT about the horrors of a 100% customer satisfaction policy with untrained/uncaring associates. I quit. And since then, the job has been awesome. Once unfriendly bosses are great, low sales numbers no longer matter, and useless employees can be ignored rather than retrained in futility. As for the useful employees, we can have dance parties and picnics in studio after our work is done.

Seriously though, the conflict with school is huge. I’m taking an internship (for credit) this semester with The Capital in Annapolis. this is amazingly cool on many levels: 1) I will seriously work as a photojournalist for a local paper 2) I prefer small/local papers to larger ones 3) Their office is close to school and the travel from there won’t be much 4) My brother used to work for The Capital, not that it actually matters, but will be a fun fact if we are ever super-famous.

Now its off to pay the bills, hit the elliptical, finish written homework, fix lunch, and prepare for SEVEN straight hours of class. Am I a real adult, a young adult, a working professional, a student, all, or none of the above?

2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. I’m glad you quit the job. If a job makes you utterly miserable and not support you in your education, it’s a seriously whacked out place.

    I hope the internship goes well! Good luck with that and . . . Seven hours of class? Ouch. X_X;

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