This semester I’m enrolled in Photography II: Color, Techniques of Photographic Lighting, and History of Photography. I had better not figure out, halfway through the semester, that photography isn’t actually that cool. So far this is pretty much the most exciting semester ever, despite that classes don’t start until 2pm, […]

The Change

Since I moved out last month I’ve discovered something extraordinary: between paying rent and cooking my own meals, I don’t want anything anymore. Occasionally I still have the urge to buy something, though last time that happened I bought frames from The Picture People because we were so far from […]

For Sheri

Year-in-review (stolen from last year’s post; many answers remain the same). 1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before? — Earned a BA, moved into a house with friends, painted (walls and canvases), photographed weddings, traveled to San Fransisco, met my nieces, got a pedicure. 2. […]