I know I haven’t been around much the past few weeks, and I might not be until the end of the semester (May 3!). As always, there’s a ton of more work to do for school and for orchestra. However it is completely unusual for my weekends to be booked straight through to the end of the semester. Last spring I went home every other weekend (and earned the best grades of my college life)!

I’m only online now because my 9AM was cancelled. Once I finish breakfast I’ll jump into either research or assigned reading. Sherlock Holmes is amazing, by the way. Though I must question the parents that named their sons Sherlock and Mycroft.

Just to give you, dear reader, an idea of my immediate future, here are the titles for the papers I’m working on: 1) Triumph of Germanic Roots: Richard Wagner’s Journey from Reform to Annihilation and 2) Dressed for Success: Whiteness in Antebellum Portraiture. The second one means I get to look at a lot of picture books.