“skiffle” is a cool word

I submitted three photos to the depressing campus literary magazine. [one / two / three] Since everyone on campus except for myself does a ton a still-life, I’m a little worried. But overall, I don’t so much care.

Good (for me, not so much for anyone else) news:

1. The amazing Nikon lens I ordered actually shipped yesterday.

2. My American Lit prof approved me to analyze portraits of women for my final paper.

3. Super-amazingly excited about being home in 24-hours.

4. Possibly seeing my Jazz prof and some others perform in Annapolis while I’m home.

3 thoughts on ““skiffle” is a cool word

  1. I’m sure you will get something for the submission! At least you tried! ^^

    And Skiffle is a cool damn word. Kudos to you!

  2. So the shots have to be still-life? Thats boring… Alas…

    I must say, very much jealous of you and you new lens… Have fun with that. I have heard a great many things about it. Someday…

    Best of luck with the contest…

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