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Pierrot Lunaire was absolutely amazing live. I now understand why, at its premiere, the audience insisted it be run through again immediately. I think I have more respect for the SU faculty too, who run their daily lives and classes and pull this Schoenberg off with only five rehearsals. Honestly.

Quote of the night: “I’m going to go back stage now, and come back. And then the concert will start.”

In other news, I’m home now thanks to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Dr. Russian-accent told me the exact opposite of what my physician had told me about my blood tests/thyroid and proposed I go have more blood drawn and come back later. “Later” happens to mean “over Spring Break, in a month” and “go have more blood drawn” means “find a place your insurance will let you have bloodwork done, give them this list of 14 tests, and have them send it to my office.”

So that will happen tomorrow, rather early, as I have to call the place and make sure they’ll take me before the close at 11am. Then Dad and I can sit around for intense bonding time of taxes and FAFSA. Immediately following said bonding time I will read up on why Richard Wagner hates me (i.e. Judaism in Music), and what Charles Dickens thinks of workhouses (i.e. Oliver Twist).

Exciting Update: I had eight vials of blood taken from me for those 14 tests. I also wrote the world’s best paper on only 4 lines of poetry. Thank you for sucking, Ms Dickinson.

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  1. Ugh, Schoenberg. We’re doing his Theme and Variations (Op. 43, I believe) in Wnd Ensemble and man. . . well, I just don’t like it.

  2. Yeah I had never enjoyed a damn thing by Schoenberg until I heard Pierrot and Carabet Songs live. Then again I can imagine what a bitch they are to play.

  3. 8 vials of blood ey? >_> Arghhh… I don’t like blood. I love the title of the blog entry and I like the whole, “Exciting update” xD

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  5. o_O That’s a lot of blood. And it is a biatch trying to write a paper on just four lines of poetry… I remember this two line poem by someone and it’s like… how can I churn out 5 pages of that?

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