The obligatory first-day-of-school-post

Using Computers: Apparently this Dead-Head IT guy didn’t get the unwritten memo that daily classes don’t meet on Fridays because he really has us going every day. At least he admitted that the class is pretty much pointless while promising to teach us only useful things and no crap. I am a little angry that the required software only runs with Internet Explorer and on the network because I try to stay away from both of those establishments.

Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras: Quite the mouthfull, I know. The class is full of sophomore & freshmen music majors with a couple of confused kids who need a music core. My current plan is to kick ass, as I’ve already chosen a paper topic and am fairly certain I can learn the two chapters at a time on the tests. The best part? The professor is an amazing grandmotherly lady who actually does know everything.

Jazz Improvisation: OH MAN. If all subsequent classes go as well as the first one, this is going to be the best music class ever. Its cool to just… play with other cool people who are just… playing.

19th Century American Literature: The best part of this class just might be the girl who used to work at MT Baltimore, because it certainly isn’t the material or the professor. These classes on surpressed sexuality always seem to sneak up on me, as if no one wants to mention such before handing out the syllabus. We get to hand in rough drafts of our papers etc, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t survive.

London Underworld: “This isn’t literature, its intellectual history.” That’s right, he bored us just within the first five minutes of class. Since there’s only 9 students, everyone’s going to have to carry conversations, which I suppose will be fine once we get the hang of these super-dense readings. But 4 papers and 2 presentations in one 300-lvl class seems a little much.

Intro to Electronic Music: Pretty much the best professor ever, who will now deliver his lectures via podcast and stand around in case we have questions. Note-taking is forbidden and grading is arbitrary. We learn/use GarageBand, Finale, and iMovie, so I have nothing to complain about, except perhaps being the only music kid in the room.

4 thoughts on “The obligatory first-day-of-school-post

  1. Sounds like fun classes. I wish I could take the second one instead of the crappy ol’ Bible as Literature class or Hardware and Software Concepts!!!

  2. Ah, very nice. WordPress it is, then. Get the WPGallery plug-in, it is a thing a beauty I tell you. And keep up the good work at school.

  3. Ah crap, now I went and did it, and I can’t edit my post…

    I meant to say what a shame it was to see theSPIFFYNESS go the way of the postcard web page.

    I must admit though, you did a much better job of keeping it interesting then I did. Then again, you’ve always done a much better job at that.

    Now allow people to register as readers, so we can edit/delete our mistakes. 😀

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