Thank you Nikon, for having the rather expensive lens I ordered on indefinite backorder. Way to make a girl’s day bright. So now I’m not only waiting for my equipment but I’m sitting around with $750 in my account that may or may not come out at any time. That’s certainly going to put a damper on shopping.

In other news, I’ve been kind-of-sort-of diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and I’m wondering how many doctors/blood tests it takes before someone says “well, we’d better fix this,” because so far we’re on two of each. What really gets me is having to come home from school specifially for a doctor visit way out in the middle of southern Maryland. That’ll be a lovely drive from central Pennsylvania when I’m still trying to go to class that day.

I find solace in knowing that I graduate just four little months from now. From here, we wait for grad schools to mail big fat envelopes to me.

But for now its working 3-7:30 today and over to Matt’s for who-knows-what tomorrow, then working pretty much 4-9:30 Tuesday through Friday before reluctantly trudging back to campus on Saturday for a 10-4 orchestra rehearsal on Sunday that so graciously precedes the start of spring semester on Monday, a national holiday.

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  1. Man, you’re lucky you get to graduate in less than four months. You finished school earlier than me!!!!

    … And $750? Well… at least Nikon has GOOD lens quality….

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