At a county fair with Priscilla. Which county, I couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that the rides were closed and that water balloon volleyball is the least exciting sport I’ve seen. So enjoy all the critters, minus the rabbit and poultry barn.

Ohio State Fiddling Contest

…held in Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville tonight. I stayed for younger and older age categories and kind of skipped out on the my-aged people. It was nice to have a competition indoors (finally) so that windscreens and deadcats weren’t a necessity. The tradeoff was of course having to really […]

Galax II

I’m only staying in Galax for two days, enough to get the jist of things without becoming overwhelmed by the crowd this weekend. This just about gets the job done. If I had to chose a single image for the event, or possibly even for the whole project, it would […]

Galax I

When I arrived at the Old Fiddler’s Convention around noon only one fiddler was awake and jamming. I circled the entire park, talked to a few vendors, and was advised to come back around 4pm. Upon my return at 4:30 some audience members were settling in but really I don’t […]

Clifftop III

Let’s get down to the music. The first, Bob Shank leading a slow banjo jam. Next two, jamming with Gailanne & Roger of Jubal’s Kin, Andrew Zinn on banjo, and two other lovelies. Last, but in many ways the best: this still from a video portrait of Pete Easton. I […]

Clifftop II

I spent my second day of the festival alternately worried that I would 1) overshoot to ruin my school year, and 2) undershoot to ruin my project. While this should have worked toward the perfect amount of footage gathered, I can’t say that was the case. At least there was […]

Clifftop I

After the first evening of the Appalachian String Band Festival I’m delightfully overwhelmed. Tonight I left the audio/video nonsense in the hotel and tried to remember how to shoot (after my month of reading and beach-ing). The first photo is from a square dance in the main lodge. The second, […]