That Time We Got Married

Hi friends! We hope you’ve been well in the month since our wedding celebration. We have certainly been busy and tired! In case the memories have started to fade, our phenomenal photographer Matt Miller posted a preview of our photos on his blog today. Enjoy! See Matt’s blog post / […]


I tried a dozen ways to start this but nothing does it justice. Two important facts about me: I hate things, but once I’m attached to something it’s impossibly hard for me to let go. Separately, I love letters/cards/written correspondence. I take great pride in the greeting cards I send, […]

New Orleans Weekend

Last weekend Matthew and I traveled to New Orleans for the first time. One of his childhood friends got married there and we figured it was the perfect excuse to go somewhere new. We stayed in the French Quarter, two blocks from Bourbon Street, and saw all varieties of people […]

Sarah’s Bridal Shower

I couldn’t tell you the day I met Sarah or the moment we became friends, best friends, even roommates. However, I vividly remember the call saying “I’m engaged!” Fifteen months later, we gathered at one of Sarah’s favorite places, Reynold’s Tavern in Annapolis–a place she and I enjoyed high tea […]

Patrol, Willmar

Stingray and I shared a relatively quiet evening in which we encountered some broken glass and a stray cat. Our interview was, I think, longer than he intended so that some who arrived home early were surprised to see Stingray in the dining room. Let’s say that cutting people’s feet […]

Portraits, Geist

This is the first portrait session I’ve done since working at Picture People…the difference is unbelievable but challenge never disappears. Instead of creating endearing photographs of crying children, I’m charged with making intimate, telling images of a real life superhero without showing his face. Thankfully Geist and I get along […]

Placing the Place

What’s the point in beautifully lit ‘sense of place’ photos when all the ‘action’ photographs take place under cover of night? Why do I go out each twilight attempting to capture the essence of the city when the rest of my schedule takes me other places? Even if we find […]

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