This is My Title

If I had anything worthwhile to say, I promise that I would say it. Lately its been lots of working the same old thing and wondering when school will ever start, and if I’ll actually enjoy school when it gets here (rather than feeling old and out of place). Tomorrow […]

Too Far!

Two teenage girls came to see the show at Medieval Times tonight– one dressed as Tidus from Final Fantasy X and one as Squall from Final Fantasy XIII. Not only am I sad to have recognized this, but also that Otakon has spread so far as to infest the greater […]

Post #28

Finally, photos from the wedding I helped shoot in April are up, over here. I do another wedding on Monday as well. Barring a call back from the Howard County Library system, I’m giving up on finding a full-time job that won’t make me miserable. Instead, I think I’ll go […]


The AACPL job turned out to be a no-go. After I waited around, practically sick, all day waiting for the lady to call me like she said she would, a letter came in the mail saying: “The position has already been filled.” Thanks a lot guys. So I’ve applied to […]

are we there yet?

I’m still a little shocked that SU actually let me graduate, a year early, and with two BAs. Be honest, some of you were also thinking that it wouldn’t quite work out. And actually, I wasn’t sure that I was getting both degrees until I opened my diploma. There are […]


As of today, things are starting to look up for me. Classes are done; I just have a paper due Thursday morning and a final Thursday afternoon. Then its home for a week. Mom and I are going out Friday to get birthday presents for all the nieces I’ve never […]

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