CAT Career Panel

Usually I don’t go to these kinds of things, and when I do, I find the people trite or the message useless. This time, however, was completely different. So here’s a panel that 1) is relevant to my life 2) is required for class 3) I have to photograph 4) […]

Interning, Continued

This weekend happened to be one of the most amazing things ever, which is needed considering that for the rest of the week I have two projects, a test, a cold, and my period. But I didn’t say all of that out loud. Also, the gear shift on my car […]

Internship: Day Six

The paper had no assignments for us today, so Paul and I trolled Annapolis for fun things happening. Despite a BEAUTIFUL fall day, very few people were outside for us to stalk. Rather, everybody and their mother attended the US Sailboat show this weekend and thus all of America descended […]

Internship: Day Five

Obligatory blog post after interning… I think I’m getting the hang of things. Still haven’t gone out on my own yet, but that’s mainly because I haven’t had the time. Working six days a week at the castle (in the dark, with broken computers), interning Sundays, class Tuesday/Thursday, and trying […]


In case anyone doubted how amazing I am, please have a photo story. Keep in mind that I do not actually have enough time on my hands to do this for fun; the assignment is for Digital Photography. I really like the first two best, but it takes all of […]

<3 Annapolis

Sarah and I ventured downtown after I got home from work, only to find Paint Annapolis almost over, and both of us busy during their exhibition tomorrow. As an alternative, I followed her around. We sat and admired the ducks (and boats) together. And I did some wandering of my […]

Internship: Day Two

Although less thrilling than last Sunday, today was still a blast. This time I followed Colleen (gasp, a girl!) to a local art gallery and the county fair. The painters we met plugged Paint Annapolis, which Sarah and I were planning on attending anyway. They do painting competitions and just […]

Classes Ensue

Digital Photography went from a shooting course with one of my favorite professors to electronic media with a brand new professor. Our first assignment is to shoot 100 photos and from them make a composite that represents our vision of the future. Sigh. But here are some of my favorites.

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