Moving Out. Man. Life just keeps getting busier. Still need to get a lot of things done. Still no microwave. Still borrowing internet from unscrupulous neighbors. Semester ends tomorrow, still haven’t signed up for classes next semester but that’s my advisor’s fault. Yeah. More later when the internet works and […]

but is it art?

Since I haven’t been talking much about school, I feel that I owe you, dear reader, examples of some of my latest work. As I no longer write papers that can be quoted from, here are recently returned assignments from a few of my (four) classes. Photoshop 1: Surrealistic Image […]

About Time!

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to installing Dreamweaver and finding an FTP program (I downloaded Fetch. Mac users, any better suggestions before I purchase the full version?) for my MacBook, there have actually been some updates around here. Namely,

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