1. This is Super Art Fight: Filmed and edited live Super Art Fight recap and promotional video for potential venues, 2016.

2. New Mexico Edited: and co-filmed New Mexico Connections Academy marketing video, 2016.

3. Together, We Are More: Edited and co-filmed Round Table Companies’ promotional video for prospective clients, 2014.

4. Modern Old-Time Fiddling: Filmed and edited short documentary on the modernization of American fiddle tradition, 2012.

5. Yolanda’s Story: Recorded and edited three-part podcast for Round Table Companies’ client Dr Tom Sult, introducing functional medicine, 2015.

6. ParticleView: Directed, produced, filmed, and edited introduction to Mettler-Toledo AutoChem V19 probe and iC PVM software for chemists, 2015.

7. Soul of Athens: Co-produced audio, visual, and written team projects on the topic “Civil Liberties,” 2012.