Soul of Athens

When I first began looking at graduate programs in 2008-ish, Ohio University was on my radar for it’s connection with BOP and Soul of Athens. Each year I loved the Soul of Athens production more. When 2010’s came out, after I had sent my acceptance, I knew that I made the right choice. Last year I abstained from Soul, choosing instead to focus my time on gaining the skills that would allow me to be a good producer this year.

I dutifully finished all my coursework, studied as much multimedia and interactivity as I could, and divvied up my time so that essentially all of it would be spent on Soul of Athens. After forming the original theme of “What’s at Stake?” as a brain trust, Priscilla and I chose to co-produce on the Liberties team. We lived, breathed, and dreamed Soul of Athens. After countless meetings and rampant frustration the website launched last Friday.

We give you Soul of Athens. (Liberties is here, but I suggest the full experience.) I only hope that the final product inspires you as much as it did me.


So I’ve not been very alive recently. Next week, week 9, marks the final deadline for Soul of Athens and my master’s project defense. Week 11 holds my Information Architecture/User Experience final and graduation. After that: the real world.

Since I can’t show you anything from Soul or my project before the final edit & release, here’s one of the first things I can legally show you from my GA position:

Imagine you’re a prospective student, maybe interested in audiology or linguistics, and you stumble into OU’s College of Health Sciences and Professions. You watch.

RLSH Podcast

My first attempt at a podcast or narration since recording radio-style mix tapes in elementary school. I’ve entered a slightly shorter version in the Missouri Review Audio Competition so in December we’ll see how it does!

Chauncey Elementary

For this project, I acted as co-editor and co-producer in a group of four collaborators. Seriously proud of this one.

//update – 3/21/12 Athen’s local NPR station, WOUB, published this exact cut on their website. View the page here.


For those of you who haven’t experienced enough mustache with my previous posts, here’s the 2-minute audio slideshow I did for class to accompany my article & layout.

Lastly, our assignment for the Picture Story final is to create a multimedia piece after revisiting one of our previous stories. I revisited Josh by accompanying him to the Beard & Mustache Championships last weekend. From that I created my first attempt at an interactive website. I reworked the article, parsed out five mini audio slideshows and also included some still frames and audio only. All in all, the page is something I’m fairly proud of. Visit here, An Interactive Mustache.

Friends of the Shelter Dogs

Audio slideshow seems to be the name of the game this quarter. I took Audio Reportage this quarter to try new equipment and really get the hang of ambient, but found myself instead fully engrossed in interviews. Our final is to create a 2-3 min audio slideshow and after chasing around the dog shelter and humane society with minimal results, I worked a bit with Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

My vision was a story on volunteerism and the drive that some have to spend their time/effort on something that never occurs to other people. Instead, I received feedback from viewers just wanting to see more cute dogs. Below is my compromise.



The requirements for our second audio story were only: 2:30-4:00 minutes, no narration, no music.

I saw a posting that the Athens County Dog Shelter was completely full up with 60(ish) dogs and called to set up an interview. When I arrived, so many dogs had been adopted/rescued that only 12 remained and I ended up with an issue story that leans a little towards advocacy.


The Buzz

For some reason I decided to take Audio Reportage this quarter. It’s supposed to be a more in-depth look at what we studied last year but so far I’m simply too busy to give the skills the time they deserve.

Here’s my first audio story (rules: 2:30 or under, no narration/music) on, of course, beekeepers. My cohort had an odd in-class discussion last year as to whether beekeepers are generally men or women and I’ve been interested ever since. I found both but ended up interviewing two men.




The first leg of my master’s project is complete, and with 3-4 more legs left before this lopsided animal gets off the ground, I’ve turned to crowd-sourcing for help. For those of you who haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s an amazing place where artists, tinker-ers, thinkers, and backers get together for mutual rewards. Try it out, look around and see if you like it.