After 11 days of shooting spread out through last June – October, and nearly nine months of editing this school year, need I preface any further? Modern Old-Time Fiddling: A

When I first began looking at graduate programs in 2008-ish, Ohio University was on my radar for it’s connection with BOP and Soul of Athens. Each year I loved the

So I’ve not been very alive recently. Next week, week 9, marks the final deadline for Soul of Athens and my master’s project defense. Week 11 holds my Information Architecture/User

My first attempt at a podcast or narration since recording radio-style mix tapes in elementary school. I’ve entered a slightly shorter version in the Missouri Review Audio Competition so in

For this project, I acted as co-editor and co-producer in a group of four collaborators. Seriously proud of this one. //update – 3/21/12 Athen’s local NPR station, WOUB, published this

For those of you who haven’t experienced enough mustache with my previous posts, here’s the 2-minute audio slideshow I did for class to accompany my article & layout. Lastly, our

Audio slideshow seems to be the name of the game this quarter. I took Audio Reportage this quarter to try new equipment and really get the hang of ambient, but

The requirements for our second audio story were only: 2:30-4:00 minutes, no narration, no music. I saw a posting that the Athens County Dog Shelter was completely full up with

My first freelance video gig gets to sit on the main page of the Ohio Pawpaw Festival‘s site. It was absolutely worth the work/effort for a happily satisfied client.  

For some reason I decided to take Audio Reportage this quarter. It’s supposed to be a more in-depth look at what we studied last year but so far I’m simply