Work and school are still in full force, but Drake and I are over. The weather sure is lovely, though. Funny how a beautiful day makes you appreciate the small

GOOD: Yesterday I received my first check from The Capital. $35 for one published assignment. Its not a Pulitzer, but it officially launches me into the realm of professional photojournalism.

Usually I don’t go to these kinds of things, and when I do, I find the people trite or the message useless. This time, however, was completely different. So here’s

After a summer as Senior Assistant at The Picture People, going through three Studio Managers, several employees and thousands of customers… I quit. I can’t work for a company that

After a period of faulty databases and having absolutely no idea what my password was, I have once again gotten myself into wordpress. Anything new? I have a promotion around

This semester I’m enrolled in Photography II: Color, Techniques of Photographic Lighting, and History of Photography. I had better not figure out, halfway through the semester, that photography isn’t actually

Finally, I installed Akismet and my life is so much cleaner now. I don’t get as many e-mails, but the lack of spam here is beyond delightful. Why didn’t anyone

Picture People is pretty awesome, having paintings for homework is not. Moving out soon; haven’t seen the new house though. LOVE Ugly Betty.

After a second interview with Picture People, I finally have a job there, starting on the 24th. The plan as far as I understand it, has me working there as

Its official: one of the courses I’ve enrolled in this fall (Color) is being taught by the mother of one of my violin students, who also lives just down the