I’m really no good at these titles

Orchestra: today 4-6, tomorrow 10-4, Sunday 2:30-4

As much as I love Bloch’s Sacred Service and enjoy playing with choir… this paper is not going to write itself. In a way it saddens me to think I’m writing my final final-paper for who knows how long. Not that I really enjoy writing, but its a rite of passage I’ve grown used to.

I’ll be home next weekend to photograph a wedding on the 21st and see all the of beautiful people I missed over Easter Break. Perhaps sometime then I’ll work on this paper. And can I say that I do not appreciate upper-level final papers with specific prompts? I’ve been following your syllabus all semester, can you please let me explore what I want now?

Although I suppose a paper on how Jekyll&Hyde foreshadowed super heros isn’t too in line with the class, but it would make for an interesting argument.

ok, ok…

Alright, so. I’ve been officially rejected from graduate school, which isn’t a huge surprise. Now that I have that letter from MICA (thanks guys, for mailing everything on April 1 instead of when you make decisions) I can change my FAFSA information back to undergraduate student and see how much I can get from SCAD that way.

As of Wednesday morning I had applied to 15 full-time photography and sales jobs in the past month. I heard back from two saying positions had already been filled, and got a call in reference to my application from a “leading national marketing firm” on Thursday. Ironically, I was working when the call came in so I returned the call on Friday but it being Good Friday I’m hoping I get yet another call on Monday, even though I can’t come back to Maryland until the 20th…

So in short, I still don’t know where I’m working or living starting May 14, but it better not default to MT and parents’ house.

Also, I’m trying to find community orchestras in the Annapolis/Baltimore area and there’s nothing! Concert Bands, Symphonic Bands, Wind Bands, Wind Ensembles, you name it. But nothing with strings outside of the occasional upright bass.

Aren’t we glad we asked for this uplifting entry? I’ll get around to looking at all of your lives once Easter Break is over on Tuesday. Whoooo.

odds and ends

Within the next week or so I should be hearing back from both MICA and SCAD on different subjects. It all depends on money though, unforunately. On that vein, I’ve applied for ten full-time photography jobs and heard back from none. Starting next weekend I’ll apply to jobs decidedly not in my field, because I’ve got to do something that gets me health insurance.

Other than that, I’m just trying to finish up two papers (before Easter Break next Thursday) in between all of these orchestra rehearsals. I’ve got a gig-thing with the Bloomsburg Community Orchestra just helping them out for the spring oncert, but its pretty much taking my entire tomorrow and Sunday. I’ll be home next weekend and decidedly working, but no one’s perfect.

For now its off to the gym, class, and pleny of work to keep Friday feeling like a Monday.

Oh right and then there was that part where Sarah came up last weekend. We went into Philadelphia to hit the Liberty bell, Independence Hall, and Franklin Institute. There were cheesesteaks at an almost-sketchy diner and a dinner of cereal. Overall: awesome.


I know I haven’t been around much the past few weeks, and I might not be until the end of the semester (May 3!). As always, there’s a ton of more work to do for school and for orchestra. However it is completely unusual for my weekends to be booked straight through to the end of the semester. Last spring I went home every other weekend (and earned the best grades of my college life)!

I’m only online now because my 9AM was cancelled. Once I finish breakfast I’ll jump into either research or assigned reading. Sherlock Holmes is amazing, by the way. Though I must question the parents that named their sons Sherlock and Mycroft.

Just to give you, dear reader, an idea of my immediate future, here are the titles for the papers I’m working on: 1) Triumph of Germanic Roots: Richard Wagner’s Journey from Reform to Annihilation and 2) Dressed for Success: Whiteness in Antebellum Portraiture. The second one means I get to look at a lot of picture books.

“skiffle” is a cool word

I submitted three photos to the depressing campus literary magazine. [one / two / three] Since everyone on campus except for myself does a ton a still-life, I’m a little worried. But overall, I don’t so much care.

Good (for me, not so much for anyone else) news:

1. The amazing Nikon lens I ordered actually shipped yesterday.

2. My American Lit prof approved me to analyze portraits of women for my final paper.

3. Super-amazingly excited about being home in 24-hours.

4. Possibly seeing my Jazz prof and some others perform in Annapolis while I’m home.

I promise to do more research

Until that time, here’s my electronic music project, cleverly labeled “Project 1“.

Exciting update: Take the time to read this paragraph. Its the funniest thing I’ve EVER run across in a scholarly article.

“In a fascinating piece of research last year, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that most toilets flush in E-flat. This is naturally a phenomenon of crucial concern to Wagnerians. The story related by Wagner in Mein Leben concerning the musical inspiration for the opening of the Ring is well known. Lodging in La Spezia in September 1853, Wagner took to his hotel bed, tired and debilitated by dysentery. He fell into a trance-like sleep and it was in that state that he thought he heard rushing water that gradually coalesced into E-flat arpeggios. This, he claimed, marked the inception of Das Rheingold, though scholarship has sometimes taken a more sceptical view. With the new American research we may perhaps be forced to revise our thinking. If toilets flush in E-flat, could the initial inspiration for the Ring actually have been the flushing of an Italian lavatory cistern?” (source)

Honors Band

I should really be doing further Wagner research right now, but here are some exciting photos from my Honors Band escapades.

I stood behind them:

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“Pablo Picasso was never called… an asshole.”

“Who, for example, has not had occasion to become convinced that what goes on at the present day [1850] in an ordinary synagogue is the merest caricature of Church-song? Who has not been shocked and held to the spot, partly by horror and partly by a sense of their absurdity, at hearing those gurgling, jodeling and babbling sounds confusive of all trace of sense and spirit…?” – Richard Wagner, Judaism in Music

I don’t suppose that any of Wagner’s Jewish friends (for there were indeed many of them) thought to say: “Richard, buddy… you know how our religion has been around for thousands of years longer than yours? Yeah I’m pretty sure your worship music evolved from ours. And honestly, Church-song hasn’t even changed in 300 years. Do you understand the Latin of your service any better than you understand the Hebrew of ours? Asshole.”

But that’s just my opinion.

For the record, it really needs to stop snowing, at least long enough for the lovely Physical Plant employees to shovel the sidewalks around here. Either that or it needs to snow enough that both the Honors Band Festival and the Orchestra Cram Session are cancelled this weekend. The latter situation not looking hopeful, I need to get back to research.

And here are those new hair/glasses photos you all asked for about a month ago…

squinty eye puppet time

“I gues you didn’t know it, but I’m a fiddle player too…”

The SUPER STANDPARTNER STUDIO SPOTLIGHT SPECTACULAR is officially a go. So Mary and I have the closest thing to a recital that we’ll ever get. We plan on decorating the concert hall obnoxiously, wearing our prom dresses, and utilizing golden fiddles.

Well not really on that last one, but they’re actually letting us play Charlie Daniels’ The Devil Went Down to Georgia as a duet and, in case you’re not too well informed, that is officially the coolest thing ever. It almost negates all of the sad from last time. Now I need to either find a guitar player, or a piano player, or start transcribing.

We are going to ROCK. Maybe I’ll get into grad school yet.

(Oh and the problem with the prof and the crying is being dealt with somehow.)

Exciting Update: I would like to admend this post in order to proclaim my love for Amazon.com. Around midnight last night I ordered some crap, selected FREE shipping, and noticed an additional $5 had been taken off of my total for some mysterious reason. Then, at 5:00am, my order shipped. How could they possibly make things better?