1. Rejection of my paper from a literary criticism magazine even though the editor told me my paper was absolutely amazing and that they wanted to use it if I

Pierrot Lunaire was absolutely amazing live. I now understand why, at its premiere, the audience insisted it be run through again immediately. I think I have more respect for the

Being as I hold an extreme distaste for snow and still life photography, I figured the best use of my free time was to immerse myself in both. :p (For

School’s gotten rather hectic already, at least during weekdays. On top of regular reading and practicing assignments, I’m already preparing for a group presentation, a composition project, and two papers.

Using Computers: Apparently this Dead-Head IT guy didn’t get the unwritten memo that daily classes don’t meet on Fridays because he really has us going every day. At least he

Back on campus as of yesterday afternoon. Unpacked, settled in, have seen almost everyone I want to see. The main to-do when people have seen me is to comment on

In the E-Newsletter today: “Effective January 1, 2007 SU began paying students in accordance with Pennsylvania’s minimum wage law.” Good job, Susquehanna. And thanks for the $0.25 / hour raise!

Thank you Nikon, for having the rather expensive lens I ordered on indefinite backorder. Way to make a girl’s day bright. So now I’m not only waiting for my equipment

I promise to get this up and running soon, though I’m a php-virgin and it’ll probably take me a long time before this place doesn’t look… template-y.

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