In December, the same team that traveled to New Mexico for their School Marketing Video went to Oklahoma to film a short video on switching schools mid-year. All of our

In early November I traveled with my manager and our marketing liaison to Albuquerque to film our last school marketing video of the year. The idea is to film one school

three days after I started with my new employer in September, I was asked to create a school marketing video from new footage, however I thought best, given only a

Jeffrey and I connected through Upwork, and I edited the majority of the video lessons in his Spiritual Fitness class. What a wonderful experience! I do truly pay attention to

This was the culmination of almost a year’s worth of work, often just thinking and imagining between other projects, and I’m beyond proud that I will finish my employment with this

Let me start by saying I truly believe this project is cursed. Super Art Fight (SAF) published this today from an event on March 12, that they contacted me about

The majority of my editing work isn’t sexy, or even necessarily interesting. What I try to stress before starting any project is that a video should be necessary. When the

Last month I showcased a technical/support video project (read the post: Supporting the Support) that we began in 2014 and continue to update for that particular product. Keep that in

Whenever I start to think that my portfolio isn’t meaty enough, or that I’m not publishing often enough, I try to gently remind myself that the vast majority of my

When a friend asked Matthew and I (as well as another biologist friend of ours) to help with the Earth Day Celebration she was putting together at the Benjamin Banneker