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Real Life Super Heroes in Madison, WI photographed for my VisCom magazine capstone project. These gentlemen allowed me to patrol with them in Minneapolis and Madison, gleefully living out my childhood dreams.


Passion & Craft

Jam session at the 2011 Galax Fiddle Convention, from my Master’s Project Modern Old-Time Fiddling. As a classically-trained violinist, I have always been fascinated by traditional American fiddle players.


Everyone has a story to tell.

Pleased to Meet You

I'm Heather

Armed with a dual B.A. in English and Music and an M.A. in Photojournalism & Multimedia, I try to understand the world in as many ways as possible. No matter what content comes my way, I find thrills in creating succinct scenes and engaging stories. Above all, I believe that the best stories are found through great characters and best told with stunning visuals. I am committed to showing, through storytelling, that the one commonality all people have is simply that they are all people.

My favorite software tools

All Adobe
Video Editing
Adobe Creative Cloud FTW!

Editing is like solving a puzzle with a constantly shifting idea of the final image. Finding the best pieces and fitting them in the best way is my favorite thrill.

DSLR-lover for life!

Capturing audio alongside moving pictures brings just the right mix of adrenaline and joy. Video isn’t the right choice for every story, but it is my one true passion.

Equality for Canons and Nikons!

Photography was my first love. From photojournalism to corporate products, the simplicity of being able to immortalize a moment should never be under-appreciated.

Client recognition and support:

It was a pleasure to work with Heather. I left much of the creative portion to her, and she vastly exceeded expectations. I would not hesitate to work with Heather again on anything related to multimedia.
Upwork.com Client
Mar 2016
Heather is great at delivering projects on time, on budget, and being a seamless addition to our team! Very easy to work with, very professional, and highly responsive. Excellent work.
Upwork.com Client
Aug 2014

Blog Showcase

Recent Work
Tough Subjects, in audio

In the fall of 2014 I attended the RTC staff retreat. I felt like very much the outcast, their video person in a beach house full of writers, written word

Double Product Launches, year two

Just about this time last year, I posted two product videos that were recently released. This year, we did the same. Learning from our 2014 mistakes, our 2015 selves (same

How do we measure particles?

Once we had the first 28 seconds of the fun ReactIR animation put together I started showing it to colleagues, to see who else would get hooked and want to

How does ReactIR work? (Or, my second After Effects animation)

For as long as I’ve known about After Effects, I’ve wanted to become a wizard with it. I got a decent taste of it last year with my “How EasySampler


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